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OK, if you look at Males only and exlcude Rugby league, which has a further 22,000 players but the detailed stats are not available, you can make the following estimations.

Population of New Zealand is approx 4.2million, of whom approx 129,000 pre-teen, teen and adult males are registered with the NZRFU as rugby players - i.e.

3.1% of the total population.

The NZRFU recognises the U-7 age group, so if we these 129,000 players are all aged 7 - 40 years, this means they are drawn from about 870,000 people according to the 2006 NZ census.

So as a proportion of male population aged 7 - 40 about 129,000 out of 870,000, or 15% play rugby.

You can make some assumptions and chuck in the 22,000 who play Rugby League and the aggregate League/ Union figure rises to more like 17%.

In reality, there is probably a big player number drop off after the age of 30, when guys start getting families, not to mention sore, so can't spend their saturdays playing.

This would increase the percentage further, so it could be as high as 20% of males aged 7 - 30 in NZ play rugby.

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I have to write a debate on "Rugby is New Zealands Religion" so i was wounder.. How many New Zealanders watch rugby on television or live???How many rugby teams play in New Zealand???

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There are 112637 players which are not adults in rugby union.

There are 18450 players which are not adults in rugby league.

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Q: What are the percentages of the popularity of sports in New Zealand?
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