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5 times and they won all of them

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Q: How many times have the San Francisco 49ers participated in the Super Bowl?
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How many times has san francisco giants won the world series?

Only once -- in 2010. The New York Giants have won several before then.

How many times times have the San Francisco Giants won the World Series?

The New York/San Francisco Giants have appeared in 20 World Series since 1905 and won eight times. As of the 2014 season, the franchise is one of eight baseball teams to win five or more Fall Classics. Here is a list of the years and American League opponents(world championships in bold):1905 -- New York Giants 4, Philadelphia Athletics 1.1911 -- Philadelphia Athletics 4, New York Giants 2.1912 -- Boston Red Sox 4, New York Giants 3 (one tie).1913 -- Philadelphia Athletics 4, New York Giants 1.1917 -- Chicago White Sox 4, New York Giants 2.1921 -- New York Giants 5, New York Yankees 3.1922 -- New York Giants 4, New York Yankees 0 (one tie).1923 -- New York Yankees 4, New York Giants 2.1924 -- Washington Senators 4, New York Giants 3.1933 -- New York Giants 4, Washington Senators 1.1936 -- New York Yankees 4, New York Giants 2.1937 -- New York Yankees 4, New York Giants 1.1951 -- New York Yankees 4, New York Giants 2.1954 -- New York Giants 4, Cleveland Indians 0.1962 -- New York Yankees 4, San Francisco Giants 3.1989 -- Oakland Athletics 4, San Francisco Giants 0.2002 -- Anaheim Angels 4, San Francisco Giants 3.2010 -- San Francisco Giants 4, Texas Rangers 1.2012 -- San Francisco Giants 4, Detroit Tigers 0.2014 -- San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals.NOTE: The Giants won the National League pennant in 1904, but refused to play the American League champion in what would have been the second-ever World Series.

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