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The official website for English cricket estimates that the number of people in England who play cricket is around 500,000.,2841,QA.html

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Cricket is a bat and ball game in which the player tries to score runs. This game dates back to the 13th century. There are 164,000 people that play cricket in Australia.

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Q: How many people play cricket in Australia?
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How many kids play Cricket in Australia?


How many people play in the cricket?

20,000,000 people play cricket worldwide today.

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Where do people play the cricket?

England South Africa India Pakistan Australia The Caribbean are the places where cricket is most popular.

Have Australia done good in the cricket world since they won the cricket world cup?

yes australia is playing great cricket

When is the next cricket match between Wales and Australia?

Wales and Australia do not play each other at cricket, they play at rugby and occasionally football but not cricket. In cricket Australia play England although they do have Welsh players in the team sometimes. The next match will be in July 2013 in England.

How many people in India play fantasy cricket?

At least 55 percent of Indians play cricket.

What sports does australia play?

they play football,cricket and rugby

Why did the Pakistan come to Australia?

to play cricket

How many people play criket?

Eleven players play cricket.

How many tems a there in cricket?

For any cricket match you require 2 teams. Each team with 12 people. 11 members play for each time at any given time and they have 1 substitute player. As of now there are many cricket teams that play international cricket like India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

What is the WACA cricket grounds?

Western Australian Cricket Association is for waca and western Australia play cricket there