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yes Australia is playing great cricket

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Australia do play good cricket but no

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Q: Have Australia done good in the cricket world since they won the cricket world cup?
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Which bowlers got 7 wickets in an innings of World cup cricket?

Tim Southee got 7 wickets in an innings.He has done this against Australia.

How many cricketer took 7 wickets in a innings in icc one day world cup cricket with details?

Tim Southee took 7 wickets haul.He has done this against Australia.

Who has done 100 centuries in cricket?

sachin tendulkar has done 100 centuries in cricket

What is the second favourite sport in Australia?

It depends upon whether one is referring to participation or spectator sports.According to various surveys done, the two top sports in Australia are cricket and Australian Rules Football, or AFL (which is not soccer).

What is a cricket pitch?

Cricket pitch is an special place where batting and bowling is done.

The only person has done referre in both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket?

i am not sure but i think, its Steve bucknor of west indies

What have Australia Great Britain and Switzerland been the only countries to have done at the Olympics since 1896?


Who has done maximum target runs in cricket history?

434 by Australia against rsa, however rsa won but the question is wats the hightest target so 434 might be the answer

Where does Australia get their wine and wool?

Australia grows its own wool, and has done so since the early 1800s. The wine industry is also extensive in Australia, although wines are often imported from European countries.

How many times have Asian teams completed in the world cup cricket final?

Three countries have done it Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

Where in Mumbai cricket umpiring courses are done?

I Want to know cricket umpire course center Address in India?

Which countries participated in all world cups since 1930?

Brazil have done this.