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ya ofcourse sports like basket ball and swimming increase your height where as sports like karate or Martial Arts stop ur growth height wise

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Q: Does sport effect height
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the first sport in high school is Football

Does exercise ruin height?

Exercise has no effect on height, unless you damage the discs in your spine. Under normal circumstances, exercise has no effect on height.

Which sport will suit for the height 5.3 feet?

I would think any sport except basketball

Why does race have an effect in sport?

It doesn't.

What is the ergolytic effect?

A negative effect of a drug or aid in sport such as caffeine.

What is an adrenaline sport?

An adrenaline sport is another name for an extreme sport - a physical activity involving speed, height, danger or spectacular stunts.

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The volumetric flow rate through a pipe is not directly affected by the height difference between two points in the system. Volumetric flow rate is primarily influenced by factors such as pressure difference, pipe diameter, fluid viscosity, and fluid density. However, height difference can affect the pressure head in the system, which in turn can impact the flow rate through the pipe.

What is the effect of height on settling rate?

an increase in height increases the length

How does sasonal changes affect sport performance?

"seasonal". And it doesnt effect sport performance.

Can sport programms effect your opinions?


The effect on sport for anxiety?

big butt

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