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Q: Do soccer players have insurance in south Africa specifically designed for soccer players?
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How many professional soccer players are there in the continent of Africa?

There are about 300 pro players in Africa

What companies provide car insurance in South Africa?

There are several companies that provide car insurance in South Africa. Some of these companies include AIG South Africa, Alexander Forbes Insurance, and Compass Insurance Company.

Is Ethiopia like Africa?

Ethiopia is a country in Africa. Specifically it is in the west central portion of Africa.

Is Tunisia in Europe for holiday insurance?

Tunisia is in Northern Africa - not Europe.

What is the continent cape of good hope is on?

It is near the southern tip of Africa, and the storms there made it a difficult place for early sailing ships.

Which companies offer budget insurance in South Africa?

Budget Insurance Brokers offers budget insurance in South Africa. Budget Direct is another popular South African Insurance company offering inexpensive insurance rates.

What continent does Chad belong to?

Africa. More specifically, central Africa.

What continent is tangier in?

Tangier is located in Africa, specifically in the northern part of Morocco on the continent of Africa.

Where do the players from springboks come from?

South Africa

Is Africa near the North or South pole?

The tip of Africa, specifically South Africa at 30.5595° S is nearer the South Pole. Northern Africa, specifically, Tunisia, is located at 33.8869° N, making it closer to the North Pole.

What continent is Tangier on?

Tangier is in Africa, specifically in Morocco, a country located in North Africa.

Is the word Africa a verb?

No, the word "Africa" is a proper noun, specifically the name of a continent.