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Grey college

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Q: What high school in South Africa has had the most springbok rugby players?
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Where is the springbok found?

The Springbok is mainly found in the southern parts of Africa, especially South Africa.

What animal is a springbok?

The springbok is a kind of antelope indigenous to South Africa.

Is a springbok indigenous to south Africa?


What is the national animal of Africa?

The Springbok^ The Springbok, African Elephant and Blue Crane are the national animals of South Africa.

National animal of South Africa?

Springbok (antelope)

Has South Africa's Springbok ever been held to no score in a rugby test match played in South Africa?


Where can one find information regarding SpringBok?

You can find information regarding SpringBok on Wikipedia, especially Wikipedia .za which is the South African site. The SpringBok is highly appreciated in South Africa and the rugby team is named after the animal.

What is the name of the south African national rugby team?

South Africa RFU is nicknamed "The Springbok"

What does the term bokka mean in South Africa?

Springbok nickname in Afrikaans: Springbokke, Bokke

What are the ratings and certificates for The Satyr of Springbok Heights - 2009?

The Satyr of Springbok Heights - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: South Africa:16 (SNL)

Why is the springbok the national emblem of South Africa?

The springbok become South Africa's national animal because lot of people liked it and it was hard to discover. Its population began decreasing and also the African people started killing it and selling it in lot of money.

Where can you commonly find the springbok?

Springboks (gazelles) live in northern South Africa, the Kalahari desert, Namibia, and Botswana.