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There's no specifics for a horse racing track. Horse race track dimensions vary according to the style of racing, the distances and the type of events as per the country's racing code.

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Q: Dimensions of a horse racing track?
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What is a mudder in horse racing?

a horse who does well on a muddy track

What horse racing is there in San Francisco?

There is Golden Gate Fields, which is a horse racing track, but that is in Oakland, which is not far from San Francisco.

How old is saratoga horse racing track?

It opened in 1864.

In which English county is great leighs horse racing track?

Great Leighs racing track is situated in a village in the county of Essex,England.

How much of a bank is there on the corners of a horse racing track?

Usually none.

What do you do during chariot racing?

You race around a track in a horse and cart

what is a horse track and what can you do on it?

A horse track is a place where people race horses in competition. There are a few different races that are held on the track, harness racing, flat racing and steeple chasing. Here is a good website to help you understand more about horse tracks.

Which horse racetrack is in the shape of a figure 8?

3200m figure 8 horse racing track by Karra.

Where can one purchase horse racing memorabilia?

Horse racing memorabilia is available at many major race track gift shops. Horse racing memorabilia could also be found at antique shops and pawn shops.

What is a clocker in horse racing?

The timer who records the workouts of the horses at the race track.

What has the author James Quinn written?

James Quinn has written: 'The handicapper's condition book' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing, Thoroughbred horse 'Recreational handicapping' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing 'High-tech handicapping in the information age' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing, Information storage and retrieval systems, Data processing 'On track/off track' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing

In which sport might a win be by a short half-head?

I suspect that either horse racing or some other track event where a photo at the finish would be used to determine the winner.