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Road racing is done on CLOSED streets. Track racing is on a track build specifically for thae purpose of racing. Again, both are closed, controlled courses.

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Q: What is the difference between road racing and track racing?
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What is rtr engine?

road track racing

What is the difference between a train and a truck?

A truck drives on the road, and a train is on a train track.

What track is best for drifting on sonic Sega racing?

rampart road

What does rt mean on a dodge?

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What does the RT mean on a Dodge Charger RT?

Road / Track racing technology

What predominant difference exists between the transmission of a sports car and road racing one with grid start?

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Are there games in the Olympics for cyclists?

Oh, sure. There's track racing, road racing, and even a few MTB disciplines these days.

What is the Red Mile in Lexington Kentucky?

The Red Mile is a famous harness-racing track located at 1200 Red Mile Road near downtown. It is the second oldest Harness Racing Track in the US.

What does RT stand for?

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Where is the best place to ride a bike?

There are many places to 'Do cycling' Road cycling is on the road, cyclocross is in fields and dirt roads,mountian biking is on trails, and track racing is on an oval track.

What is the difference between cycling bmx cycling mountain bike cycling road or cycling track?

bmx= small trick bikesmountain= small trails, thick tires (more dirty and muddy), fresher airroad= thin tires, faster speed, dealing with traffic!track= indoor circular track banked like this --> / (not that steep!) (about 300m circumference)Bmx Bikes are designed for trick riding and urban ridingMountain Bikes are designed for off road travel such as hills mountains, fields and tow pathsRoad Bikes are built for speed and long distance racing with lightweight frames and thin tires to reduce road drag.Track Bikes are similar in design to road Bikes but have no breaks and are designed for riding and racing indords on wooden tracks with curved banking,

Are there any good Wii racing games like Death Race?

There are many good racing games in Wii like Mario Kart Wii, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, Excite truck and Track Mania