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I can't think of a reason why anyone would want it banned.

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βˆ™ 2010-06-03 14:16:36
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WHAT? NO!stupid question! it hasn't done owt wrong! its fantastic! better than football!

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Q: Cricket should be banned or not?
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Was Cricket ever banned?

Yes Cricket was banned in the Tudor times by King Henry the Eighth

Why was cricket banned by Henry viii?

He was the first English person to realise how tediously boring cricket is!

What does opium do to your mind?

i think it gives you energy because mohammed asif- a cricket player was banned from cricket for carrying it.

Which cricketer played for South Africa before he was banned from international cricket and later represented Zimbabwe?

John Traicos went on to play for Zimbabwe after the South African cricket team got banned

When southafrica banned for cricket due to political dispute?


Should WWE be banned?

no it should not be banned.

Which king declared cricket illegal in 1477?

Edward IV banned cricket in 1477, as it distracted the English Army from archery.

What governments say if zoos should be banned or they should not be banned?

zoos should not be banned

Why should soda not be banned?

it is delicious that is why it should not be banned.

How many years was South Africa's cricket team banned?

2 decades

What is Younis Khan known for?

Younus/Younus Khan is a Paskistani Cricket Player and used to be captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team. In March 2010, he and a teammate were banned indefinitely, but the banned was canceled 3 months later.

When south African team was banned from international cricket?

South African Cricket team was banned in 1970 because of their government's policy Apartheid which led them to play with only white nations like England, Australia and New Zealand.

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