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The perfect setup is the one that gives you fastest times. It depends on driving style, weather conditions, track layout, racing class, etc.

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Q: What is the perfect setup for go kart racing?
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Yeah, I wouldn't put racing slicks on it if your gonna drive it in a yard, only if it will be on asphalt and it is gonna cost you alot more for racing slicks then regular go kart tires that you can buy at your local tractor supply.

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my racing motor does 50

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Tennis shoes.

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Kart racing is all about physics. Weight transfer, grip, inertia, momentum... and its all about tires if you have alot of bit in them or way to much bit in them AND HAVING A GO KART THAT IS SCALED OUT FOR WILL HELPP YOU U OUT TOO. but once you a go kart scaled and everything all you got to do is to be really smooth and just learn the TIRE GAME!!

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to get a perfect start in csr racing, the shift indicator must be green on go.