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my racing motor does 50

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Q: How fat does a 4hp motor go on a go kart?
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Can you drive a 4HP go kart on the street?

no because in order to be able to drive in the streets you have to have a licence and only if your go-kart is over 150 cc you can and you would have to go and get plates for it i have a shifter kart and i drive it on the street cause i have plates

Can you use 3.2 amp motor to a go kart?

Maybe you can, it depent what weights is the go kart...

What kind of motor does the razor ground force electric go kart have?

The Razor Ground Force electric go kart has an electric rechargeable motor. Instead of using gasoline and a battery similar to a car's set up, the go kart only requires a battery.

How do you build a motor go kart?

Very carefully.

Can you rob a police motor bike on bully?

Nope but you can win a go kart by doing every go kart race at the carnival and town

How fast should a go-kart go to go up dunes?

depends on motor and traction.

How fast in mph does a 6 hp go kart motor go?

50 mph

Can you make an electric go kart into a motor go kart?

dont know, but probably, it cant be rocket science to rip the engine out and replace it with a motor, can it? try it and tell uz if it works!!!

How 2 make 8.0 hp go kart motor faster?

Put a 12 hp motor on it.

How do you make a solar powered go-kart?

Due to the inefficiencies in solar panel technology you likely could not create a direct feed go-kart which feeds solar power direct to an electrical motor to drive the kart. You would need to have solar panels set up to charge batteries and those batteries would then drive an electrical motor in a go kart.

How many mph can a 27hp go kart go?

The power of a motor is not directly related to its speed.

Where would you get a go kart motor?

Honda makes consistently well-reviewed go-kart engines such as the GX120 and GX160. You can buy them at Northern Tool or Google these engines for other stores.

What forces move a go kart?

Usually a motor from a lawn mower, chainsaw or skidoo.

How do you put an engine in a go kart?

first if you already have a engine in your kart then remove the 4 bolts at the base of the motor and disconnect the cables and put the new motor in then put the chain on slide the motor up much as u can then bolt it down do it Even then your chain is tight then connect the cables and there you go u are ready its not that hard

How fast does a 3 hp motor go?

A 3HP motor can reach speeds up to at least 30 mph depending on what you are using it for.

How fast can a go kart with a 200 pound kid on it the go kart weight is 150 pounds and the motor is 8hp?

Not very fast at all because of all of the weight but the 150 pounds would almost even it out.

Lawn mower to go kart?

Check this link:

Would you blow up a 5.0 go kart motor 4 take off the muffler?


How does the throttle on an electric go kart work?

most of the time your pedal position is linked into the motor controller which controlls how much current from the batteries makes it to the motor.

Can you make a go kart with a weedwacker motor?

Engine is too small. Depends on the cc.of the motor and weight of the cart.chain saw motors also work

How fast does an Honda 6.5 engine go kart go?

almost all go kart engines run the same rpm so it wont go anyfaster it will have more power but wont go faster then any other motor unless you change the gears they normally run about 3400 rpm

Where can you drive your go kart?

At a go kart place

What is 1100cc on a go kart?

Its 1100cc on a go kart :D

How fast does a 5 hp motor go?

It goes on a manco dingo go kart about 15 to 25 mph and it is really slow so I would get a 13 hp engine.

Why does your go kart have zero compression after you removed the governor?

You probably blew the motor up. They won't last long without a functioning governor.