What happened to brawn gp?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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They became Mercedes GP. Team principal is still Ross Brawn and HQ is still at Brackley.

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Q: What happened to brawn gp?
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Who is the team principle of Brawn GP?

Ross Brawn

Who drives for brawn gp?

Jenson Button (Britain) and Rubens Barrichello ( Brazil) currently drive for Brawn GP

What is jenson button's brawn car called?

Jenson Button's Brawn GP car is called the Brawn BGP 001. It has a chassis made by the Brawn GP F1 team and a engine supplied by Mercedes - Benz.

Who is the Team Principal of Mercedes GP?

Ross Brawn

Who are the drivers for Brawn GP?

Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello

Is brawn gp a group of Honda?

No. Ross Brawn bought the team from Honda after the 2008 season and Honda withdrew from Formula 1 racing altogether.

Have brawn gp dropped out of formula 1?

No, the team will be known as Mercedes GP for the 2010 season. Mercedes, along with Aabar Investments, bought a 75 percent stake of the team after the 2009 season. Ross Brawn and Nick Fry own the rest of the team and Brawn will stay on as Chief Principal and Fry will stay on as CEO.

Who built the brawn GP?

Orginally Honda, Ross Brawn (former technical director at Benetton & Ferrari) jojned them as technical director in 2007 - but Honda pulled out and the team was left on brink of collapse until he personally bought the team early this and turned it into 'Brawn GP'. Brawn now use the highly successful Mercedes-Benz engines (like many oher F1 teams this season).

Which Is The First Grand Prix Of 2009?

The first GP of 2009 was held in Melbourne, Australia, The Australian GP. Jenson Button of the Brawn GP team started on Pole and won the race.

Which grand prix racing team does jenson button drive for?

Brawn gp McLaren now

In which race did Rubens Barrichello score his first Formula One points for brawn?

He scored his first points for Brawn GP at the Australian GP in Melbourne 2009 - the first race of the season and the first race for the team. He came in second place and scored 8 points.

Which car is jenson button driving?

Currently Jenson Button is driving for the McLaren Mercedes team. In the year 2009 he drove for the Brawn GP team and before that he drove for the Honda Racing Team. He won the drivers world championship while driving for Brawn GP in the year 2009.