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You must get atleast an 80% or 16 out of 20.

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Q: What do you have to score in PA for a motorcycle permit on your test?
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Answers on a pa motorcycle learners permit test?

There is 20 Questions .

Are you allowed to ride out of PA with a motorcycle permit?

Motorcycles are fun vehicles to ride. If a person with a motorcycle permit follows all the laws of having this permit, then yes, they can ride out of PA.

Is your Pennsylvania motorcycle permit valid in other states?

A Motorcycle Permit from the state of PA is valid in other states just as the learners permit is valid. You still have to follow their laws and regulations.

Where do you take the permit test in PA?

Depends on where you live Call your County by the newspaper and they should no

Where can you get information on pa motorcycle knowledge test?

How many attempts to pass the driving test may a pa permit holder make before he must apply to extend the permit?


Is there an online PA practice permit test?

There are a couple of great options for your son who will be taking his permit test in the great state of Pennsylvania. Make sure that you check out and see what you can find.

What are the skills tested in PA motorcycle driving test?

left circles right circles & figure eights

Anybody know what the consequences are for driving a motorcycle at night with only a permit in Pa?

i got a 100 dollar fine i got a 100 dollar fine

What are pa driving laws?

16 - permit- written test 16 1/2- junior license- road test- 17 1/2 - full license- road test

How many questions are on the permit test in pa?

The exam consists of 18 questions and you must answer 15 correctly in order to pass.

In Pittsburgh PA how old do you have to be to get your permit?

you have to be 16- you can get your permit on your birthday