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No. In 2011, Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon swapped pit crews.

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Q: Is 'Tiny' still on Jeff Gordon's pit crew?
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How much do professional pitcrews make?

This depends on the contract you sign, Some make very little, some alot more, remember when Jeff Gordons crew was taken away by Roush Racing, this is because they were offered more money.

Does Jeff Gordon have DuPont on his car in 2011?

Yes and no, because Jeff Gordon is still trying to find sponsorship dollars to run a full sponsor and Steve Letarte might come back as Jeff Gordon's crew chief for 2011. DuPont will still be in the Hendrick Organization. Alan Gustafson will be Jeff Gordon's crew chief in 2011. Steve Letarte is now Dale Jr's crew chief. DuPont will be Jeff's primary sponsor in select races.

Who will be Jeff Gordon's crew chief in 2011?

In 2011, Alan Gustafson will be Jeff Gordon's crew chief.

Does James Helton work on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR pit crew?

There was nobody named James Helton on Jeff Gordon's 2010 pit crew.

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Who was Jeff Gordon's crew chief in 2001?

Ray Evernham: Final race of 1992 to September 1999Brian Whitesell : September 1999 through seasons endRobbie Loomis: 2000 through race #26 of the 2005 seasonSteve Letarte: Final 10 races of 2005 through 2010Alan Gustafson: 2011 - present

Is a member of justice crew dead?

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Why did Paulie leave Justice Crew?

WHAT? Paulie is still in Justice Crew he never left

Is Jeff Gordon firing his crew and hiring black Harlem teenagers since they can change a tire in 6 seconds?

No, he is not.