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He did not have a deal with Pepsi.

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Q: How much was Dale Earnhardt Jr's deal with Pepsi worth?
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What are Dale Earnhardt Sr. Pepsi bottles worth?

I saw them on Ebay ..average about $6 a piece.

How much money does Dale Earnhardt Jr. make in a year?

Actually, Dale Earnhardt Jr. made $27.1 million dollars in 2007 to Jeff Gordon's $22.5 million dollars. You can expect Dale's income to go up with new sponsorships from Adidias, Pepsi (Amp), and Sony. In fact, Dale commanded the largest endorsement deal in Pepsi's history when he signed with Hendrick Motorsports and picked up Amp as his primary sponsor.

How much of DEI does Dale Earnhardt Jr own?

Dale Jr. owns nothing of DEI. Dale Jr. was looking for a 50/50 partnership with his stepmother, Theresa Earnhardt back in 2007. When that didn't work out, Dale left and went to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008.

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