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4. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota.

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Q: How many different engine manufacturers are in a Nascar Sprint Cup race?
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How many different engine builders in a sprint cup race?

more than 43 drivers

How much do Nascar engine builders make?

The premier builders with top teams can exceed $100,000 easily.

What do the manufacturers have to do with the Sprint Cup Series cars?

The most important thing the manufacturers do is Homologation. It's a long word that means "make a car for the general public that is the same model as your race car." The tradition of NASCAR is to have people racing the same cars their fans drive, so if Ford wants to race the Fusion this year, they have to sell Fusions to the general public. If the automaker discontinues the car they race, they've got three years to create a new NASCAR version out of a car they still sell.They also make the engine blocks, at least one body panel - the trunk lid is stock - and provide some of the parts used in the car.

Is nascar Toyota engine parts from Chevy engine?

No they are not, they are from the lexus V8 engine.

What are famous Boeing engine manufacturers?

Pratt and Whitney are famous Boeing engine manufacturers.

What engine is used in Nascar Nationwide Series racing?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Toyota Camry's use a Toyota designed 358ci OHV V8 engine. The design uses some features of other V8's in the series, most notably the high cam position in the block is similar to the Dodge V8, while the front mounted distributor and oil pump location mimics the Ford V8, while cylinder head and bore spacing resemble the Chevy V8. This engine is used only for NASCAR and not based on any Toyota production engine.

What do aircraft engine manufacturers do?

Aircraft engine manufacturers construct aircraft engines, and maintain the engines when faulty.

What kind of car have the best engine?

Different car manufacturers and styles of cars have different engines, and there is no common consensus on which engine is the "best". If one is looking to be environmentally friendly, a hybrid engine would be "best".

What engine does a Boeing 747 use?

The 747-400 use 3 different engine manufacturers; Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and Rolls Royce.

What engine do biplanes use?

There are hundreds of different biplanes with many different engines. IN WW1 the 'rotary' engine was popular. After the war radial engines and inline and Vee engines began to gain popularity. There were many engine manufacturers.

How many cylinders in a NASCAR engine?

NASCAR engines have been known to have 6 cylinders, but most prefer to run V8s.

Do NASCAR engines use antifreeze?

Yes, NASCAR racing engines use antifreeze. There is no other way for them to keep the engine from overheating. NASCAR engines are similar to street engines but with more horsepower.