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F1 cars today use carbon fibre brakes, all metal materials on f1 cars are made from carbon fibre to save weight

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Q: Formula one cars use what type of brakes?
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What are f1s?

F1 stands for Formula One. The are a type of racing cars. Frencesco Burneli form Cars 2 is an example.

What cars do they drive in Formula One?

Formula One cars - they're very unique!

What is the name of bernie ecolstones formula one race cars?

Formula One race cars

Do formula one cars have better brakes than nascar?

yes. Formula ones have to stop in distances of less than 150m from over 300kmh whereas nascars just crash when they try that. Thats why nascars great to watch.

What is different from formula one cars and stock cars?

Almost Everything!

Can you buy formula 1 cars in grand turismo 3?

You cant buy formula one cars. You can only win them.

How much do formula one cars cost?

A lot

How many cars compete in Formula One?


What does F1 stand for in cars?

It stands for Formula One. There are other types of racing with names like F3000 and F3. The formula means the set of strict rules the cars have to abide, and the numbers correspond to the different formulas.

Why don't formula one cars have air con?

Because the bloody cars have open cockpits

Do formula one cars have headlights?

No. Nor do they have a brake light. Only a light flashes at the back of the car when wet weather tyres are on the car, when the pit speed limiter is activated or the car is harvesting energy under brakes into a corner.

How many Formula One cars race together?

twenty (20)