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No, but thanks for asking.

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Q: Do you still Ride Motorcross
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Where is motorcross played?

Well, you don't 'play' motorcross! You ride it, and you do this at any outdoor or indoor tracks.

What do motorcross riders do?

ride dirtbikes?! lmfaoo.

What cc motorcross can i ride at 14?


Can a 4 year old ride a pw50?

Yes, they can ride a PW50. As long as they can reach the controls they can ride. 4 year olds race AMA motorcross on them.

Why do freestyle motorcross riders ride two strokes?

because they are lighter and give them more speed to the jumps

Can you ride a motorcross bike in town if you're on the side of the street or in the bike lane in Colorado?

it depends on if you have it licensed and have insurance on it.

Where is motorcross done?

Motorcross is competed in, all around the world, at various motorcross tracks

Can you ride a mini moto at 10?

Yes you can, under adult supervision and with a helmet and gloves. Im 11 and I got a 120cc motorcross bike

In which countries is motorcross popular?

Motorcross is popular EVERYWHERE but mostly i would say America and the UK

When was Motorcross invented?

In the 1800s

How does a motorcross racer get sponsors?


Who invented motorcross?