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Q: Why is chicharito important?
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Do chicharito have kids?

Chicharito does NOT have kids! (:

Who is better Cristiano ronaldo messi or el chicharito?


Who is faster chicharito or messi?

El chicharito<3 hell yeah

What shoes does chicharito wear?

Chicharito wears nike tiempo legend iii

Is real Madrid going to buy chicharito?

Right now no. In the future they will. Around 2016 when Chicharito contract ends or if Chicharito leaves dues to Van Pesie transfer.

Does javier chicharito hernandez have a baby?

Dude!chicharito is a man!how could he have a baby!only his mom!

Who is better landon Donovan or chicharito?

donovan, chicharito just become new in Mexico team

How many goals has chicharito made?

chicharito hernandez has made fifty thousand goals in the past week.

What position does chicharito play with Manchester united?

Hernandez (Chicharito) plays as a forward for Manchester United FC.

How tall is chicharito?


Where chicharito lives?


Is chicharito in the hostpital?

He was but not anymore (: