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Hernandez (Chicharito) plays as a forward for Manchester United FC.

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Q: What position does chicharito play with Manchester united?
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Who does chicharito play for?

Manchester United

What teams does chicharito play for?

Manchester United

Does chicharito play for the chivas?

He plays for Manchester United.

Why is chicharito famous?

He is a soccer player from Mexico but he plays in Manchester United but he used to play in chivas.

What position does Cristiano ronaldo play at Manchester united?

He was a winger at Manchester united.

Who is better dempsey or chicharito?

Dempsey of couse, chicharito doesn't play that well because the coach of Manchester united puts him to pay like 10 minutes and dempsy play in the begining

How many teams did el chicharito play for?

2. From 2006-2010 with Chivas. 2010-present with Manchester United

What position did cantona play at Manchester united?


Did chicharito ever play football?

Javier Hernandez 'Chicharito' is a professional footballer playing for Manchester United. He has also represented his country, Mexico, internationally, notably in the 2010 World Cup.

What team does chicharito play for?

Man united

What position does Nani play for Manchester United?

He plays right wing.

What position does Wayne Rooney play for in Manchester united?

He plays striker.

What position does Anderson play for Manchester United?

Anderson plays as a midfielder.

What position does Cristiano Ronaldo play in football?

He's a winger for Manchester United.

What position does Manchester united player john o'shea play?

Right back

Where do Manchester united you play?

Manchester united play at old trafford

What team did chicharito play for?

Javier Hernández Balcázar commonly known as Chicharito played football in Guadalajara from 1996-2006 in his Youth Career and 2006-2010 in his Adult Career. As of 2010-Present he currently plays for Manchester United.

When does Manchester United play?

Manchester United play their football at OLD TRAFFORD.

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.

What position does Wayne Rooney play for?

Wayne Rooney plays striker for Manchester united and for England

What country does Manchester united play for?

Manchester United is a club in England.

Where do Manchester United play football?

Manchester United play football in Manchester in England. Their stadium is called Old Trafford.

What ground do the Manchester United football team play at?

Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

Who does Manchester united play in the semifinals of the 2011 champions league?

Manchester United play Schalke.

How can you play for Manchester united?

Manchester will never let you play in their team