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Oscar Cardozo.

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Q: Who plays soccer on benfica and number 11?
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Which team does Freddy adu playing on right now?

As of November 2011, Freddy Adu plays for Philadelphia Union, having transferred from Benfica in time for the start of the 2011 Major League Soccer season.

What sports use the number eleven?

Football (or soccer) has 11 players per team.Football (or soccer) has 11 players per team.Football (or soccer) has 11 players per team.Football (or soccer) has 11 players per team.

11 best soccer players on the world?

Lionel Messi is the best player in the world. He plays in FC Barcelona and Argentina and his jersey number is 10.

Who wears number 11 in soccer?

only the best

Total number of players in soccer team?


What number of people play in each position in soccer?

there are 11 positions in soccer. the maximum number of players on a team is 18.

What is every soccer team?

Every soccer team has 11 players. Every soccer team plays on a field that is in the shape of a rectangle. Every team has a goal to protect.

Who is number 11 who plays for men's New Zealand soccer team?

Marco Rojas, midfielder born 5 November 1991, 9 caps. Current club Melbourne victory

How many soccer player on American Soccer field?

The number of players on a soccer team is 11. Black10 says: The common number is 11, but you can play with 9-11, although it would be much more tiring. AHH yes. The minimum number of players on the field is 9. If you have less than 9 in a league game, the game will be confiscated.

What is the best soccer number?

The best is 10 the second is 11 then 9 and so on.......

What is the number of players a soccer team has on the field?

11 on each side in football.

What s the number of players for an official soccer game?

11 on 11, plus 1 goaltender per team