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Q: What year was the white ball legalised in football?
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Who is Marvin White?

Marvin White is a football player for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played college ball at Texas Christian University and 2007 is his rookie year in the NFL.

What year was euthanasia legalised in the UK?

Its not legal, people have to travel to Switzerland

What year was the black and white soccer ball invented?


What year did the Netherlands legalize marijuana?

It's not been 'legalised' in The Netherlands. It has simply been 'decriminalised' for small amounts. 1972 was the year though.

First White House Christmas tree?

New York Times Square new year eve ball

What year was the rule introduced that says a goalkeeper in football can only hold the ball for six seconds?

The rule was introduced ahead of, and used in, Euro 2000.

How far can jamarcus Russell throw a football?

i went to a raiders game last year and jamarcus Russell heaved the ball 85+ yards

How many people attend football matches in the UK?

millions of people each year attend foot ball matches in the UK

How much is a Penrith panthers signed football?

dependant on the year the older the ball and the signatures the higher the worth a 2009 signed ball may only be worth $40 my email is if you want to sell the ball send me some pics and I will send you a price I am willing to pay thanks

How much larger is an NFL football compared to an NCAA football?

The NFL football is known as "The Duke". Not all college football teams use the same kind of football. The one that I am familiar playing with is the GST and it is more round and a little bit wider than an NFL football and the tips of the ball are not as pointed.

When is the 2010 2011 Champions League Final Ball Unveiled?

i saw it in my local store white/blue and uses the grip n groove thingy lk the jabulani The white/blue ball the previous answer refers to is the 2010/11 champions league ball and has been out for some time, the Champions League FINAL Ball is differant, in previous years the Final Ball was released mid-March so I assume it will be the same this year

What are the saints team colors?

the saints football teams home colors are Vegas gold and black and there away colos are Vegas gold and white