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Q: What is the us open cup in soccer?
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When was United States Open Cup for Arena Soccer created?

United States Open Cup for Arena Soccer was created in 2008.

What are the odds the US soccer team wins the world cup?

The odds that the US soccer team would win the 2014 World Cup is about 23 percent.

Will the US soccer team ever win world cup?


When did US win their first soccer world cup?


What color is the US in the world cup soccer 2010?


Did the US soccer team win the Confed Cup?


What US soccer player has scored the most goals in the FIFA World Cup?

Landon Donovan has scored 5 goals in FIFA World Cup games, the most of any US Soccer player.

What was the most watched sport in the us in 2002?

it was soccer for the world cup

When was the last time The US won the World Soccer cup?


What year did the mens US soccer team win the world cup?

they have never won a world cup

First World Cup of Soccer?

Soccer's first World Cup was Uruguay 1930 Uruguay won, Argentina was second place and US was third. Yugoslavia was fourth.

Who are some of the players from the US soccer team in the 1922 world cup?

There was no world cup in 1922. It started in 1930.