Will the US soccer team ever win world cup?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Will the US soccer team ever win world cup?
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Has Vietnam ever qualify for World Cup soccer or ever made the World Cup?

No. Vietnam has developed a league of 14 tearms, but its national team has not risen to the level to which it (yet) has the capacity to compete for a spot in the World Cup.

Did the Philippines soccer team ever win the world cup?


Has the Japanese international soccer team ever won a world cup?


Did the Argentina soccer team ever win the world cup?

Argentina has twice won the FIFA World Cup, in 1978 and 1986.

What soccer team holds the world cup title?

the soccer team that holds the world cups title is Italy

What are the odds the US soccer team wins the world cup?

The odds that the US soccer team would win the 2014 World Cup is about 23 percent.

Which continent did not have a team qualify for the soccer world cup?

Antarctica is the only continent not to have a team in World Cup 2010.

Does Iran have a FIFA World Cup soccer team?

Yes Iran does have a soccer team and have played at world cups as well.

What are the staistics of soccer?

Only one team has ever being to every World Cup since 1930 and that country is Brazil.

Which team won World Cup soccer?

In the world cup it is not the team but a country that wins the world cup. Spain won the most recent one.

Has Venezuela ever won a World Cup?

In soccer (football)?No, they have not won the World Cup.

Did India ever play soccer world cup?