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Q: What is the lowest scoring football league in Europe?
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What is the 5 lowest scoring professional football - soccer league over the last 2 years in the world?

"mamady sidibe" Who ever wrote this clearly doesn't understand the question...the question asked what is the lowest scoring 'LEAGUE' not lowest scoring player or team.

What was the lowest scoring college football game without a score?


What is the lowest scoring football game in auburn university history?

3-2 against Mississippi state in 2008

What is the lowest-ever score in the AFL - the American Football League?


Can you be signed by premier league playing for the lowest league in England?

you can , but you will have to be really good to play for a really good football team.

Who was lowest scoring batsman in 2011 cricket worl cup?

No one keeps the information about the lowest scoring batsman,everyone keeps the record of highest scoring batsman who was Dilshan.

How old do you have to be in a real football match?

In professional league's its usually 16 the lowest age.

What is the lowest ever attendance in the league?

The lowest ever attendance in a professional football league match is recorded to be 13 spectators. It occurred during a match between Bury Reserves and Stockport County Reserves in England in 1979.

Who is the lowest scoring NFL team in 2010?

Carolina panthers

Who is lowest scoring team in NFL 2011?

Easy... Colts

What was Lebron James 2nd lowest scoring game?


What was the lowest scoring UCLA basketball game?