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Q: How many substitutions can be made in euro 2012?
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How many substitutions can be made throughout basketball?


When can substitutions not be made in youth soccer?

Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play and with the referee's permission. Many leagues modify this rule to limit substitution opportunities, particularly when unlimited substitutions are allowed.

How many teams in euro's 2012?

16 teams

How many penalties have there been at euro 2012?


How many Muslim players in the euro 2012?


How many times has Poland hosted the euro?

Poland hosted UEFA Euro only once, in 2012.

How many nations are participating in euro 2012?

16 teams

How many BBC staff are reporting euro 2012?


How many camera takes the euro 2012?

16 cam

How many yellow cards have been issued in the euro 2012?


How many substitutions can be made in overtime in soccer?

None or up to 3. Depends on what the coach has done previously in the game. Soccer only allows 3 substitutions in any official game.

How many substitutions were made in the last world cup?

one, that was Joe Cullis, he scored 5 goals