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Q: How many people play soccer in Iraq?
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Who is better in soccer Iraq or Poland?

Poland! Because the people of Poland who play soccer play more daily i think!

What types of sports do Iraqi people play now?

in Iraq they play mostly soccer..

What sports do they play in Iraq?

they play football aka soccer, baseball, and the Olympics

How many people play in us soccer?


How many people play soccer in Kenya?

30 people

Do people in Mexico play soccer for fun?

Many people play soccer for fun in many countries, including Mexico. Sport isn't just about money.

How many people play soccer worldwide What percentage is that compared to how many people play in the US?


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how many people play soccer CA?


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How many people play soccer in France?

In France, soccer is known as football. Not many people play the American version of football in France. It is impossible to know exactly how many people play football in a given country.