Women's shot put weight

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Wikipedia says that "In open competitions the men's shot weighs 7.260 kilograms (16.01 lb), and the women's shot weighs 4 kilograms (8.8 lb)."

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Q: Women's shot put weight
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Who holds the Womens shot put world record?

Natalia Lisovskaya

Jr high school shot put weight what is it?

The weight of a JUNIOR HIGH shot put is 10 pounds, not 12, which is highschool.

How much does a womens shot-put weigh?

At what level/age? In many states in the US, girls middle school uses a 6 lb shot put, beginning in the 9th grade, girls us a 4 kilo or 8.8 lb, and that weight goes all the way through to the Olympics.

Who is the current shot put World Champion?

Mens: Christian Cantwell Womens: Valerie Vili

Does drinking a shot of whisky after workout help you lose weight?

No it doesnt, it makes you put ON WEIGHT.

What is shot put weight for 12 year old boys?

The typical girls' shot put is eight pounds, but some girls prefer throwing a 12 pound shot.

How many pounds does an olympic men's shot put weight?


How many gold metals did new Zealand win in Beijing Olympics in 2008?

New Zealand won 3 gold medals at Beijing in 2008 * Womens double sculls * Womens shot put * mens sailboard

Weight of shot put for senior Olympics?

12 lbs

What is the normal weight of a shot put for girls age 17?

4kg 8.8lbs

What is the official weight of a women's olympic shot put?

The women's shot weighs 8.8 lb (4kg), and the men's shot weighs 16.01 lb (7.260 kg)

How much does a woman shot put weigh?

The regulation weight is 8 lbs, but some women like the challenge of using a 12 lb. shot. The right weight is 8.8 pounds or 4 quilograms !