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Q: Why does relay racing depend as much as teamwork as on the speed of the individual runners?
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What does non-runners mean in terms of house racing?

Non-runners mean in terms of horse racing that a contestant did not start or was exempt from wagering. An acronym for non-runners is NRNB and it stands for Non Runner No Bet. This is a common term in the horse betting world.

Does runners racing around a track exemplify Kepler's laws?

what is newtons modification of keplars law

What is a good frame for a bicycle when racing?

That will depend entirely on what type of racing you intend to be doing.

When does car racing start to start the year?

It would depend on what type of car racing you speak of, there are several types.

Are the Mizuno racing shoes beneficial?

Recommended for runners who want a lightweight shoe for fast racing. Mizuno has used its rubber-and-plastic Wave in this racer for added stability, A good racing shoe for many, especially if you're aiming for 26.2 miles.

Is motorbiking considered an individual or a team activity?

both, team- if you are racing individual- if you are trail riding

What is bootlegging in NASCAR?

Bootleggers were basically moonshine runners. Those that did this started racing their cars against each other, thus NASCAR was unofficially created.

Do horses wear horseshoes while barrel racing?

it depend on the person. but normally yes

What does oval mean in sports?

The oval refers to the shape of the field of competition. Racing car drivers compete on an oval-shaped track, as do track-and-field runners.

Why are drag racing vehicles so light?

weight cancels power... same reason runners wear light weight clothing and don't carry weights...

How far is one lap round a car racing track?

That would depend on the race track.

How do you space runners racing on a track?

There are a few ways to space runners on a track. You could have a staggered start where there is one runner per lane and they each start a but higher then the next (due to which lane they are in). They could also all start on the waterfall (the curved start line).