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weight cancels power...

same reason runners wear light weight clothing and don't carry weights...

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โˆ™ 2010-09-28 01:54:53
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Q: Why are drag racing vehicles so light?
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Are Mustang Cobra Jets made only for racing?

The Newer Cobra Jets Are only for Drag Racing and Are illegal on the street. Older Mustangs with the Cobra Jet Engine In it Were legal on the street and sometimes used for drag racing. So older Mustang Cobra Jets were not only made for racing but newer ones are only made for racing.

What was Enzo Ferrari's interest?

His interest was surprisingly never actually putting out road vehicles, his priority was always his racing team. He started making road vehicles so he could afford his racing team.

What is the most popular racing sport in the world?

The most popular racing sport in the world at this time is auto racing. Auto racing has so many different categories that it easily makes it the largest. Just to name a few of those categories you are looking at NASCAR, Indy Car and Drag racing.

What happens in a drag race?

Two drag racing cars go to the starting position, and the drivers wait for a light to turn from red to green. As soon as the light turns green, they floor the gas pedal and go as fast as they can up to the finish line. Then, the drivers deploy the parachute so they can stop, because a braking system would just weigh down the machine, and brakes are not adequate to stop a drag racing car from going over 300 miles an hour to 0. Then, the winners is announced with the exact times, and they start over with another pair of cars.

Can drag racing be an occupation?

Yes. A person can make a great living as a drag racer, or another member of the race team. NHRA, and IHRA race teams are much like down scaled nascar teams. NASCAR people make more money I think, still, but a career in drag racing can be very rewarding, and more often than not, it becomes a hobby, as well as a craft. There are schools that teach drag racing from building a race car, to actually going out and racing it. I don't know if I can mention the names here, but, where else would they be? So cal. You could probably even get a student loan.

Where can a student get information on drag racing for a school project?

I believe in hands on, so, I would suggest maybe the local drag strip. Guys love to talk about their cars. Drag racers hang out at car shows. Your local Chevrolet dealer probably hosts the local Corette club. Might be one there. There is a great show on the Speed channel called Pinks allout. Great show. Espn usually has drag racing on....

What skills are required in drag racing?

I drag race myself so, I will tell you what I know. One of the main things is to get a good reaction time. You will have to be able to dial in right to. Most of the time the key to winning is concentration.

When did Drag Racing start?

It started in California on the beach. they moved to asphalt so they could go faster and get more traction. It started in about the late 20s or early 30s. The Sounthern California Timing Assoc started in 1947 and then the NHRA was founded in 1951. The first official drag race event was in 1953. It may have begun in southern California. The drag racing car can not be attributed to one individual. "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is considered the "father of modern racing."

What is four dragster categories?

not sure what you mean there but i am guessing you are talking about drag racing? If so there is Dragster; Junior Dragster; Modified Dragster; and Top Alcohol Dragster

How do you keep the front down on a raptor 700 when drag racing?

Dont know Raptors, but I do know drag racing. A higher gear would help. A bigger sprocket. Start in 2nd gear. Dont rev it so high before letting the clutch go. A larger diameter rear tire. A wheelie type bar....

What are some dragster categories?

not sure what you mean there but i am guessing you are talking about drag racing? If so there is Dragster; Junior Dragster; Modified Dragster; and Top Alcohol DragsterHope this helps :)

Why does concave mirror use in flashlight and vehicles?

It concentrates the light so it penetrate the farthest distance.

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