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It's another way of saying "watch out"

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Fore" is another word for "ahead" (think of a ship's fore and aft). Yelling "fore" is simply a shorter way to yell "watch out ahead" (or "watch out before"). It allows golfers to be forewarned, in other words.

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Q: Why do golfers yell fore?
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Why do they yell fore when you play golf?

heads upYelling fore in a game of golf is like saying heads up. "Fore" is another word for "ahead" as in a ship's fore and aft.The British Golf Museum also surmises that the term evolved from "forecaddie."A forecaddie is a person who accompanies a group around the golf course, often going forward to be in a position to pinpoint the locations of the groups' shots. If a member of the group hit an errant shot, the thinking goes, they may have alerted the forecaddie by yelling out the term. It was eventually shorted to just "fore."A popular theory is that the term has a military origin. In warfare of the 17th and 18th century (a time period when golf was really taking hold in Britain), infantry advanced in formation while artillery batteries fired from behind, over their heads. An artilleryman about to fire would yell "beware before," alerting nearby infantrymen to drop to the ground to avoid the shells screaming overhead. So when golfers misfired and send their missiles - golf balls - screaming off target, "beware before" became shortened to "fore."

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People get hit by golf ball because they don't pay attention to their surroundings on the golf course. And the person that hit them didn't yell "FORE!" (:

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No there is not. There is no list as such compiled. There are hundreds and hundreds of golfers who have had two hole in ones.

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there are only three Knighted golfers sir Henry cotton, sir bob Charles and recently knighted nick faldo.

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