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Q: Why are tennis doubles nets shorter than singles nets?
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What is a website that sells table tennis equipment?

There is a website where table tennis equipment can be bought at Here, they offer some replacement nets for table tennis nets that have been lost at good prices.

What is a tennis net made from?

Most <a href="">tennis nets</a> are made from either a twisted or a braided polyethylene chord. Lighter weight nets, best for indoor use, can be as light as 2.5mm. Outdoor, year-round nets can be made from chord as thick as 3.8mm. Some cheaper and less durable nets are made from polyester, but the polyethylene blend is the most durable.

What are some good tennis rebound nets?

Several companies make quality tennis rebound nets. Rally Master and Bakko make several that you can use in a club or home setup. Gamma makes one that is collapsible and easily transported.

What does the term butterfly mean in regards to the sport of table tennis?

The term, "Butterfly", in regards to the sport of table tennis is the worlds most popular manufacturer of table tennis equipment. The Butterfly company makes paddles, nets, balls and table tennis tables.

How Wide Is a tennis court net?

In tennis, the net is stretched across the full width of the court. For single play, this is 27 feet. Doubles requires a 36 foot net.

What is a tennis net made out of?

A volleyball net is made out of.........wit from rope and twine

Who manufactures tennis nets?

Courtmaster is a great manufacturer of tennis nets. They have everything from light weight indoor use to heavy duty outdoor nets. Edwards also makes nets that go great with their tennis posts. Gamma also makes tennis nets and they have as much variety as Courtmaster.

What are some games that use nets?

-Tennis -Lacrosse -Hockey -Soccer -Field Hockey -Basketball and Many More

What is in the middle of a lawn tennis net?

The middle of a tennis net (lawn or otherwise) is held in place at exactly 36" from the ground by the "center strap". The measurement is checked by a tennis official (or by a player, if there is no official, as is the case for most social settings), and the strap is adjusted, as needed. Refer to the USTA link, below, for further information about tennis nets.

What did they use in the old days to play basketball?

they used shorter shorts, and converse i think plus peach baskets for the nets i think

What is another alternative to use instead of professional tennis nets?

One alternative that one could use instead of a professional tennis net would be to use a hammock or to just use a long flat board held up in the air by two posts.

Jay-z is part-owner of what nba team?

Jay-Z is a part owner of the New Jersey Nets. alot of people confuse the NEW JERSEY NETS to the NEW YORK NETS but theres no such thing as the ''NEW YORK NETS''