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because they can do a banana split

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Q: Why are gymnast are so good at gymnastics?
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How do you call a person who do gymnastics?

hi everyone, A human that does gymnastics is called a gymnast.

How did Shawn become an Olympic gymnast?

she became an olympic gymnast by being really good at gymnastics!

Can a hoop gymnastics can't be a rhythmic gymnastics?

My cousin is a hoop gymnast and she is a rytm gymnast you can do both

Is Josie Loren really a gymnast?

She was a gymnast, but was only good at floor.

Who is gymast?

A gymnast is usually person that teachers gymnastics or does gymnastics.

What is the plural of gymnastics?


What gymnast can do perfect backtuck?

I can! I do gymnastics and i am very good at it! I can do a backtuck! As long as you practice and take in precaustions.

How do you use gymnast in a sentence?

See the gymnast soar through the air. A gymnast is someone who preforms gymnastics.

Is it hard to do gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a tuff sport, i am an Elite gymnast, so, i know to stick to it and to STICK IT ! Gymnastics is hard because it is not only a physically but mentally straining sport.

How do you get gymnast body?

by doing lots of gymnastics

What kind of people that shehe can do gymnastics?

the answer is gymnast

What is he word for someone who is skilled in gymnastics?

A Gymnast