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the answer is gymnast

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โˆ™ 2008-12-10 08:28:19
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Q: What kind of people that shehe can do gymnastics?
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Is gymnastics the hardest sport?

Gymnastics is the hardest sport to master so if you ever try doing gymnastics make sure that you are prepared. But there is all kind of gymnastics i do regular gymnastics and there are all kind of different levels i am in level 6 and it is hard. A lot of people can not do gymnastics any more if they have got hurt and it ruins there whole career of gymnastics. Also people have died of gymnastics. That is why gymnastics is the hardest sport.

Do people have to do gymnastics?

no people do not have to do gymnastics

Why is Calvin a shehe?

because he ate the shehe fruit of doom. and because gene laughs at "hey bromas, why are you a bromas?" and because he is sucky. SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY. also he is a shehe because his cousin is a sea cow. please dont get angus at me MEGA SHEHE MUHAHAHAHAFROM DIVAD AND TOJREDNI AND BROMAS THAD

What kind of gymnastics does Carly Paterson do?

Carly Patterson competed women's artistic gymnastics.

Is gymnastics harder than dance?

Depends on what kind of dance but gymnastics has dannce in it. there is no gymnastics in dance also gymnastics requires tumbling. So my point is yes.

Who is involved in gymnastics?

Anyone can be involved in gymnastics, the people who compete in gymnastics are called gymnasts.

What do you call people that play gymnastics?

People who do gymnastics are usually called gymnists.

What kind of classes do gymnastics have?

my doter wants to go in gymnastics class and we dont know what kind thar r plez tipe back

What is muscular control needed for gymnastics is called?

The kind of muscular control needed for gymnastics is called?

Contribution of gymnastics?

The contribution to gymnastics is that you get to inspire people to that sport

How do you say shehe was not referring to you man of darkness?

it is called a shim i believe!

What is the percentage of gymansts killed in gymnastics each year?

gymnasts dont usually get killed but if they were to die it would be because they over worked or had some kind of disease that could have been infected by gymnastics. but as a gymnast myself i would say that if you were going to do gymnastics dont think about how many people get killed just think about how many people have fun doing gymnastics.

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