Why are all of your golf drives low?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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it could be as simple of a thing as loft or tee height, but is more likely improper flex. Many of us ,myself included, think we are stronger and younger than we are and play improper flexes. I changed my Driver and 3 wood flexes just yesterday from stiff to regular and gained 30 -40 yds off the tee gained height and carry. At 51 y/o I drove a 265 yard hole ,never came close with the wrong flex.. If your lagging squaring the head because of to stiff a flex you will drive low. If you cant get a swing analylized by a pro heres a rule of thumb...from 150 yds you use a 4 iron or 4 hy you are a senior flex. from 150 you use 5 or 6 iron you are regular and from 150 you are a 6 or 7 (more a 7 iron) you are a stiff flex. I learned the hard way being frustrated,,,it definitly means alot with the woods.....Irons i still like stiff because i would rather hit straight and club up one if I have to, Irons are all feel. But with Woods you better use the right flex...Hope that helps.

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Q: Why are all of your golf drives low?
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