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Nike was Roger's first sponsor. They approached his parents at a junior tournament while he was 16.

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Pete Sampras' major sponsor was Tourna Grip. Tourna grip also added back then that the color BLUE was his favorite grip color to use on the tennis court.

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Q: Who was Roger Federer's first sponsor?
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his coach, Peter Lundgren

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Roger Federer's idol was Pete Sampras, who was also the one-handed backhand of his time.

What are some of Roger Federers greatest sporting achievements?

winning the finals at wimbledon until 2008

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When is Roger Federers birthday?

Roger Federer was born on August 08, 1981

Who are rogers federers parents?

mr and mrs federer

Will federer win US Open?

It is surely federers slam

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His girlfriend is not pregnant. Wrong!! His now wife is very much pregnant, and all they'll say is the baby is due in the summer of 2009... Summer is June 21---Sept 20, so who knows the exact date? But Mirka is indeed very pregnant, and is Mrs Federer now, not just Roger's girlfriend!!

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