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winning the finals at wimbledon until 2008

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Q: What are some of Roger Federers greatest sporting achievements?
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Who was Roger Federers Mentor?

his coach, Peter Lundgren

Who is roger federers idol?

Roger Federer's idol was Pete Sampras, who was also the one-handed backhand of his time.

What sporting achievements were extraordinary?

There have been a number of extraordinary sporting achievements. These include Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile, Michael Phelps winning 22 Olympic medals in swimming events, and Tara Lipinski winning a gold Olympic Medal in figure skating at the age of 14.

What is roger federers religion?

Federer is a roman catholic. He's met the pope.

What sporting record did roger bannister hold?

roger bannister has a sporting record for running a mile in under 4 minutes

What is the pirates flag sporting the skull and bones known as?

The Jolly Roger

What were Roger Federers hobbies?

He likes a lot of sports, he seems to be quite fond of soccer, Roger supports FC Basel. When he was younger he also played Cricket and was very Decent,infact he could have been a cricket player. It seems like he chose the right sport.

Who said that spectacular achievements come from unspectacular preparation?

Roger Staubach

Due date of Roger Federers baby?

His girlfriend is not pregnant. Wrong!! His now wife is very much pregnant, and all they'll say is the baby is due in the summer of 2009... Summer is June 21---Sept 20, so who knows the exact date? But Mirka is indeed very pregnant, and is Mrs Federer now, not just Roger's girlfriend!!

Who is considered as the greatest sportsman of 21st century?

roger federer

What is Roger Federers longest winning streak?

41 matches on all courts from the US Open in 2006 to ATP Masters event in Dubai in 2007. Federer also has a number of other similar records, such as the longet winning streak on grass (65) and on hard courts (56).

What is the book to read Roger Federer biography?

Roger federer the quest for perfection, fantastic federer, roger federer the greatest. Sry if i missed out any! Have fun reading it! Jack tomlinson