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Steffi Graff

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Q: Who is a famous German tennis player with the first name Steffi?
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Famous German female tennis player in the 1970's?

she competed in the 80's for West Germany, NOT the 70's

Who is Steffi Graf?

She is a famous women's tennis player who was voted into the hall of fame.

Who is an actress who is married to Andre Agassi?

he's married to Steffi Graf,german tennis player

What country did Graf start?

Steffi Graf is a former world number 1 German tennis player.

A famous person with last name bigining with theletter ''g''?

Steffi Graf is a famous tennis player. Lou Gehrig is a famous baseball player.

Could you please inform me the postal address of Steffi Graf a former world No1 German tennis Player?

P.O. Box get a life

What former tennis player is Steffi Graf married to?

Andre Agassi.

Who is the only tennis player to win a golden slam?

Steffi Graf

World best female lawn -tennis player?

Steffi Graf,Serena Williams,Venus Williams

Which female tennis player has the maximum number of weeks as number one?

I believe it is still Steffi Graf.

Where does Steffi Graf live now?

Steffi Graf ,the great German tennis star, is presently living in Las Vegas, America with her husband and children.She said that she is always German first, but her family lives in America.

Tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times?

Steffi Graf