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P.O. Box get a life

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Q: Could you please inform me the postal address of Steffi Graf a former world No1 German tennis Player?
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What country did Graf start?

Steffi Graf is a former world number 1 German tennis player.

What former tennis player is Steffi Graf married to?

Andre Agassi.

Who is no1 female tennis player international?

Former World No. 1 German female tennis player

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Former German rugby player Steffen Thier was born on November 25, 1980.

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A former address is a place where you used to live, but where you no longer live since you have now moved to a new address.

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To address a former president you do not say mr. president or anything having to do with president. <---- This is WRONG. You address any former president as Mr. President. That is a title they have as long as they are alive.

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Former basketball player Lisa Leslie's address is not known. Lisa Leslie played in the WNBA for over 12 years from 1997 to 2009.

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Steve Yzerman is the manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. He is also a former professional hockey player. He does not give out his home address to the general public.

How old is Steffen Thier?

German former rugby player Steffen Thier is 37 years old (birthdate: November 25, 1980).

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