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Q: Who are the worlds fastest 100m runners in 1970s?
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What track events determine worlds fastest man?

100m or 400m

Who Is The Fastest Runner In The Beijing Olympics For 100M Man?

The worlds fastest runner is Usain Bolt.He broke his own record and he will break it again............Well I am from the Caribbean and this year in Beijing was our year......But the worlds fastest runner is Usain Bolt and he ran 9.69 seconds.

Who is the fastest recorded running human being?

Jesse Owens is the world's fastest runner. Since the Beijing Olympics of 2008, Usain Bolt, of Jamaica, has been the outstanding, fastest sprinter in the world.

How fast is the fastest 100m?


Who is the fastest 100m runner in 2009?


Who is the second fastest women in 100m dash in track an field?

At 10.64 seconds, Carmeleta Jeter is the second-fastest woman in history in the 100m dash.

Is Usain Bolt fast?

Yes, 100m in 9.58, currently the fastest 100m runner in the world.

Who are the top ten fastest men ever in the 200m?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica holds the world record at 9.69 seconds set at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Tyson Gay of the USA ran a wind aided 9.68 at the USA Olympic trials in 2008. Answer above is incorrect somewhat. the worlds fastest runners are indeed: Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay. The world record however is 0.58 set by Usain Bolt. The 9.69 Olympic record set by Usain Bolt in Bejing has been lowered. the new world record is 9.63 also set by Bolt in London Olympics 2012.

Who is the world fastest men in 100m 2012?

My Nan

Who is the fastest 100m in the world?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica

Ten fastest 100m runners?

1:Usain Bolt2:Tyson Gay3: Asaffa Powell4: Tim Montgomery5: Maurice Greene6: Donoan Bailey7: Leroy Burrell8: Carl Lewis9: Calvin Smith10: Jim Hines

Who is the world fastest runner 100m?

the first fastest is usain bolt and in second is asafa Powell