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100m or 400m

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Q: What track events determine worlds fastest man?
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Is it that track events involve timing and not field events?

That is correct. Track events are won by who can run the fastest (timing) and field events are won by who can throw the furthest or jump the furthest/highest (distance/height).

How are sprint events related to track and field and athletics?

sprinting events are used to find the person who can accelerate the fastest and run at the highest speed. where as distance races are used to find the person who can run the fastest,in the race, the longest.

What are the seven events in heptathlon track?

what are the seven events of the heptathlon in track

Who is the fastest 17 year old boy in the world?

Mohammed Ameen Jada is the worlds fastest 17 year OLD track and is from Botswana and broke the record at th age of 16 and was recorded as an under17 athlete

What is the fastest mile long track ever in NASCAR?

Fastest mile long track is Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)

What is the most watched Olympic event?

Games like Football, track and field events and swimming are most watched Olympic events. However, the most watched one event is 100 meters in track and field. The winner is regarded as the fastest man on earth.

What is the fastest boy track runner?

Wesley Paul is the fastest boy runner

What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

Track Hurdle events?

yes in track they have hurdles

What is the track in track and field?

... its the track. its the events that require running, the field, is all throwing and jumping events such as javelin and long jump The track events are anywhere from speed to distance ex: 200m - 5k

How many track field Events are there in a Decathlon?

A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events

What is the difference between track events and field events?

Track events are all of the running events. Field events are the ones on the field such as shot put, discus, pole vault and jumps.

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