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Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Kim Clijsters, Caroline Wozniacki, Melanie Oudin (not as famous as the others, but American), Sam Stosur, etc.

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Q: Who are some recent female tennis players?
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Female Spanish tennis players?

Spain has produced some incredible tennis players, both in men's and women's tennis. Some of the great female tennis players from Spain include Virginia Ruano Pascual, Conchita Martinez, and Lourdes Dominguez Lino.

Number of tennis players in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

Who are some recent french female tennis players?

Marion Bartoli, Sererine Bremond, Alize Cornet, Nathalie Dechy, Tatiana Golovin, Emilie Loit, Amelie Mauresmo, Mary Pierce, Camille Pin, Virginie Razzano, Aravane Rezai, Florent Serra

Which of these ATP tennis players do you like?

Some of them.

What are some famous female athletes?

well i know of two female tennis players and their names are Vnues Williams and Serena Williams. These two are most deffinatly sisters!!!!!!! so does that answer your question?? cause it answers mine for sure!!

What are some of the tournaments that Maria Sharapova has played in?

Major league tennis tournaments, Junior Grand Slam, Australian open, Wimbledon, US Open and several other large championships. She was in the world top 10 female tennis players.

Who was the Australian tennis player who is now a commentator?

Over the years, most of the commentators of telecast tennis have been former players. Over more recent years, some of the prime former Australian tennis players commentating have been: Fred Stolle, Allan Stone, John Alexander, John Newcombe, Todd Woodbridge, Mark Woodforde, Alicia Molik, Sam Stosur, John Fitzgerald, etc.

Why do Tennis players eat banana?

Tennis players eat banana during the match because bananas have lots of potassium in them. Tennis players dehydrate a lot during the match. Due to dehydration, players lose lots of salts especially potassium too. Losing potassium with make their muscles cramp. To relieve themselves from cramping, tennis players eat bananas during the match

Who was the first tennis player to start grunting?

Grunting in tennis refers to the loud noise, sometimes described as "shrieking"or "screaming", made by some players during their strokes In male grunting was started by Jimmy Connors and in female grunting was started with Monica Seles

What are some girl tennis players?

Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova

Who is the male player in tennis player in Ireland?

There are many male tennis players in Ireland, too many to mention in full. Some famous current ones are Conor Niland and Louk Sorensen. Louk's father, Sean Sorensen and Matt Doyle are famous ones from the recent past. There are mny, many others.

Which tennis players wear a jockstrap?

Probably most male tennis players wear either a jockstrap or some kind of supportive sports undergarment, e.g. compression shorts, jock boxers, athletic briefs, etc.