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It's all to do with how your tennis arm is suited to each maker, for example, those who prefer hitting a ball with strings that are slightly looser than regualr rackets may prefer to use a racket made by Wilson, as most rackets made by them are a little heavier meaning more power can be put on the ball. Whereas Babolat, the maker I curerntly use, tend to make their rackets a fair bit lighter with tighter strings, and this tends to make the ball literally fly off the hitting area when you hit it.

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For me. Babolat, Head and Wilson is the best.

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Q: Which is the best company of tennis racket?
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Best tennis racket brand?

There is no best tennis racket in the world. All tennis rackets have different abilities and technology. What I think is a good tennis racket is the Babolat Aero GT's and Wilson BLX's, they have a really good technology such as the cortex system and the GT technology.

What is the best kind of tennis racket to improve strength?

the best racket to improve strength is 1.babolat 2.wilson 3.head

What is a different between a light tennis racket and a heavy tennis racket?

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

In which sports do player use a racket?

tennis and badminton

How do you select the proper grip of a tennis racket?

When we touch the grip it should be thick and soft and grippy. The best grip company i know are Babolat, Head, Wilson.

What is the way to swing a racket in tennis called?

The way to swing a racket in tennis is called a forehand.

What is the heart of a tennis racket?

tennis ball

What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

Do you need a tennis racket for Wii sports?

No, you do not need to us a tennis racket, on wii sports! But you can get a racket( like at Wal-mart) but it is optional!

What exactly are a tennis bags?

Tennis bags are simply bags for your tennis racket, balls and maybe a towel or two. They are usually somewhat shaped like a racket and have logos from the racket manufacturer on the side.

What lever is a tennis racket?

A third-class lever

Is it tennis 'racquet' or 'racket' - how do you spell it?

it_is_called_racket">it is called racket