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3,000m cross country run.

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Fencing, freestyle swimming, middle distance running, equestian, and shooting.

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The modern pentathlon is made up of, in order:

Shooting (pistol)

Fencing (épée)

Swimming (200m freestyle)Show jumping

Cross-country running (3000m).

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1,500 meter run.

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Q: Which five events are part of the Modern Pentathlon at the Olympics?
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How competitions are in the Olympics pentathlon?

As indicated by the prefix penta-, there are five events in a pentathlon.

How many different competitions are part of an Olympic pentathlon?

There are five different events in a pentathlon. The modern pentathlon in the Olympics includes freestyle swimming, fencing, show jumping, pistol shooting, and 3200 meter cross country race..

How many sports are there in the pentathlon?

There are five sports in a pentathlon. The modern-day pentathlon has events in shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian and cross country running.

What Name five events that made up the pentathlon of the ancient Olympics?

leaping, wrestling, foot racing, discus throwing, and casting the javelin

In modern times the pentathlon has been replaced by decathlonHow many events are in this activity?

The Decathlon is comprised of Ten (10) events. The Pentathlon is comprised of Five (5) events.There are a combined fifteen (15) events. However, the pentathlon's five events are also encompassed within the decathlon as well. Therefore, technically there are only Ten (10) unique events between the two competitions.

Which sport was the combination of five events?


What is an athletic contest of five events?

penathlon - consists of 110m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put and 200m

What is an event of five sports called?

A pentathlon is an event with five sports. modern pentathlon contains the sports: 1. Pistol Shooting 2. fencing 3. freestyle swimming 4. show jumping 5. a 3km cross country run. The pentathlon got its inspiration from the Ancient Greeks.

What sport was the combination of five events in the first olympic games?


What is a 5 event sport of the Olympics?

From the Greek "penta" meaning five, this is called the Pentathlon.

Who from nz competed in the 1980 Olympics?

Five athletes from New Zealand competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics: Canoeing: Paul MacDonald, Ian Ferguson, Alan Thompson, Geoff Walker Modern Pentathlon: Brian Newth

How many of the five events of the ancient pentathlon did you have to complete in order to win?