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There are five different events in a pentathlon. The modern pentathlon in the Olympics includes freestyle swimming, Fencing, show jumping, pistol shooting, and 3200 meter cross country race..

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Q: How many different competitions are part of an Olympic pentathlon?
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How many competitions was in the olympic pentathlon?


How many different competitions are part of the Olympic pentathlon?

There are 5 different competitions in an Olympic penthathlon. They consist of fencing, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping and a combined final event of pistol shooting and a 3200 m run.

How many different competitions are there in the pentathlon?


How many different sports are in an Olympic pentathlon?


How many events has the Olympic Pentathlon?


How many parts are in a olympic pentathlon?

its got five parts

How many competitions are at the 2012 olympic games?

There are 302 events and many require competitions to determine who will be the finals to compete for the medals in each event

How many events are there in the olympic decatyhlon?

"Deca" means "ten" so in the Olympic Decathlon there are 10 events. Similarly "penta" means "five" so a Pentathlon has 5 events.

How many competitions are there in the Beijing Olympics?

There are 28 competitions but some have different variations within them!

How many times did Jim Fox represent the United Kingdom as an Olympic athlete?

Four times. Jim Fox competed in individual modern pentathlon and team modern pentathlon at the 1964, 1968, 1972, and 1976 Summer Olympics. He won gold in team modern pentathlon at the 1976 Games.

How Many medal did Mary Peters win?

Mary won 1 Olympic medal ... a gold in women's pentathlon at the 1972 Games in Munich.

Has Ireland competed?

Ireland has competed in many things, and has many Olympic medallists, and winners in all sorts of sports and competitions.

How many Olympic gold medals did Jim Thorpe win?

2 - Thorpe won gold in the Pentathlon and Decathlon at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Do boys do synchronized swimming?

Yes, there are clubs and competitions in many countries. Olympic and World Championship competition is not open to men, but other international and national competitions allow male competitors.

How many medals has Angie Darby won?

The 2008 Games is Angie Darby's first Olympic Games. The modern pentathlon will be competed on the 21st and 22nd of August.

How many different olympic games are there?

36 olympic games

How many sports are there in the pentathlon?

There are five sports in a pentathlon. The modern-day pentathlon has events in shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian and cross country running.

How many rounds are in snooker?

There is no single answer to that. Different competitions work differently.

How many medals has Shawn Johnson won?

4- An Olympic Gold on the Balance Beam and Silver in the All-Around, Floor, and Team Competitions.

How many countries participate in the pentathlon?

27 countries and 74 athletes participate in the Modern Pentathlon.

What is world competitions?

there are many in different sports groups , but the Olympics is the largest one.

How many different Olympic sports are there?

Too Many

How many English players must be in each Association Football team?

There are different rules about this for different Competitions and in different Countries and States.

What are the different types of Christmas food themed competitions that the Food Network airs on television?

The Food Network has many different themed food competitions around Christmas. One may see these competitions if one watches Chopped, Chef Wanted with Anne Burell and Cupcake Wars to name three.

How many combined events are in a decathlon and a pentathlon?

The Decathlon is comprised of Ten (10) events. The Pentathlon is comprised of Five (5) events.There are a combined fifteen (15) events. However, the pentathlon's five events are also encompassed within the decathlon as well. Therefore, technically there are only Ten (10) unique events between the two competitions.