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Golf holes are measured from the middle of the tee-box, down the middle of the fairway, to the center of the green. So if a par 4, for instance, had a curve or dogleg in the fairway, the distance as stated above would be longer than measuring a hole "as the crow flies" or from the tee-box directly to the center of the green. Par three holes usually don't have fairways per say, so they are measured as the crow flies since they are designed to be completed in one full shot and two putts.

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Some times they eaves drop on the caddy when he is telling the player. But in recent years they have used things such as skycaddy and other GPS systems.

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Q: Where do you measure the distance on a golf hole?
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What is a gps golf range finder used for?

A gps golf range finder is used by golfers to see the distance to the hole, and also the distance between the golfer and the various hazards of the course.

What is hole out in golf?

Hole out is simply finishing a hole of golf, obviously by putting the ball in the hole.

How do you start a golf hole?

You start a hole of golf by making a stroke with any golf club from the defined teeing area.

What is ace in golf?

An ace in golf is when you get a hole in one.

What is the shortest hole in golf?

hole 12 at hunters canyon golf course

Measurement of a golf hole cup in professional golf?

The measurement of a golf hole for a golf course is always 4 1/4 inches.

What is the measurement in a golf hole?

The actual hole? 4 1/4 inches or a golf hole? About 100-600 yards.

When did Hal's Hole in One Golf happen?

Hal's Hole in One Golf happened in 1991.

What do you call a 19Th hole in golf?

The 19th hole can be the first playoff hole after a round of golf, but it is another name for the bar after the round.

Will a handheld golf gps fit in a pocket?

Knowing where you are at at any given moment on a golf course can be huge for your game. Today, you can know the distance from ball to hole with a simple simple handheld device.

What does the diameter of a golf hole measure in inches?

4.25 inches is the current size of a golf hole

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