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A gps Golf range finder is used by golfers to see the distance to the hole, and also the distance between the golfer and the various hazards of the course.

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Q: What is a gps golf range finder used for?
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What does the item Golf Buddy help one do?

The Golf Buddy is a GPS Range Finder, pre-loaded with more than 35,000 golf ranges worldwide. It will display and speak the distance of a shot to the user.

Is there a water-resistant GPS golf ranger finder?

Most GPS golf ranger finders are normally water-resistant or waterproof and have a design that is fully coated for any temperature climates or elevations on the golf course.

What are golf gps units for and are they usefull?

Golf gps are used mainly by golfers and by sportsmen alike. They are used to find bunkers, sand traps, and water traps on a golf course. If you are a competative golfer, they are useful.

Who makes the best gps location finder?

There is no GPS location finder that you can buy, but every GPS will be able to tell you where your location is. Also there are applications that you can download for your GPS that can find locations, and this is usually provided on your GPS manufacture's website,

Can the gps feature be used on a golf course?

Yes, just enter the golf course location onto your GPS system and it will work just like streets and highways.

Is an AA route finder a gps system?

The AA route finder is not a gps system, although you can use it to get directions for a given journey by road. It can be used to obtain a route plan for travel in Great Britain, Ireland and the European Union.

What are the ratings for snooper gps?

The Snooper GPS is a device which is used by golfers to map out various golf courses. The Snooper GPS has received many good reviews from users and is rated in the top 5. Many reviews can be found on the Golf GPS Review webpage.

Does SanDisk have memory finder for a GPS?

"Yes, SanDisk has an incredible memory finder for a GPS System. You can purchase one online at Amazon or at your local Walmart store. This is definitely a tool you should purchase if you have a GPS system."

What tools are used for measuring area?

Areas are often calculated from linear measurements of the shape. Depending on the size, the tools could be ruler, tape measure, laser range-finder, odometer or GPS satellite.

How much does a skygolf GPS cost?

Skygolf gps is the number 1 range finder. You can set up account with them. The price varies from $150 to $250. You could also find lower prices on and

What does Golf GPS rangefinder retail for?

The price for the Golf GPS rangefinder varies by vendors but the price range I have seen is between $218 and $400. You should always price check items items between Amazon and Ebay for pricing differences.

What is the best golf GPS device?

Accordimg to PC Mag, Garmin nüvi 3590LMT is the best golf GPS.

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