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An older bike like that, your only hope is Craigslist, eBay and similar.

Selling one on Lynchburg, VA craigslist now

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Q: Where do you buy the 2006 yellow mongoose rebel freestyle bikes?
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How tall is the mongoose rebel?

The Mongoose Rebel Is a 20" Freestyle Bmx Bike

How fast can a mongoose freestyle rebel go?

As fast as you can pedal.

How fast is the mongoose rebel freestyle?

Depends on how fast you pedal. As it is a single gear bike. BMX bikes are made that way because if crashed, the bike would be 10 times harder to fix.

What is the weight of a mongoose rebel?

35 pounds

When was Rebel Yellow created?

Rebel Yellow was created in 2006.

On the mongoose rebel bmx bicycle the front brake cable is anchored where on the front brake lever?

google mongoose rebel and go to the 2nd option under the shopping thing. it should be they have pics that you can look at so that might answer ur question

What actors and actresses appeared in Freestyle - 2002?

The cast of Freestyle - 2002 includes: Habib Benziane as Accrorap Faf Larage as Cash Sista Micky as Vertu DJ Rebel as Rebel Christophe Roser as Membre Accrorap Linda Tortoza as Mina

How do you remove the rear gear of mongoose rebel 20 bike?

I'm assuming you're asking about how to remove the freewheel, as the Mongoose Rebel 20 is a single-gear BMX. In that case you need the correct freewheel puller to get the freewheel off. Check out for more info.

Which is faster mongoose rebel freestyle or mountain bike?

Given half a chance, a mountainbike will be faster. It'll have bigger wheels, higher gearing, and probably multiple gears as well. Only time a BMX has a fighting chance to outrace a MTB is if the course is real twitchy and difficult, where the higher gears of the MTB won't be of any help.

How do you get mongoose rebel back gear off?

Depends on if it's a freewheel or a freehub design. For a freewheel you need the appropriate freewheel puller. For a freehub you need a splined lockring tool.

Is a rebel mongoose a bmx?

yes but not a very good one.weighs about can get a way better bike around $300 that will last a lot longer and weighs a lot less.

How do you lock the Mongoose rebel handlebars in position with the front tire?

It depends on what kind of stem it has, which I can't see on the pics I've found. I suggest you head over to the link below, it should show you how to work with the different options available.