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I'm assuming you're asking about how to remove the freewheel, as the Mongoose Rebel 20 is a single-gear BMX. In that case you need the correct freewheel puller to get the freewheel off. Check out for more info.

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Q: How do you remove the rear gear of mongoose rebel 20 bike?
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How fast is the mongoose rebel freestyle?

Depends on how fast you pedal. As it is a single gear bike. BMX bikes are made that way because if crashed, the bike would be 10 times harder to fix.

How many gears does Honda rebel 450 have?

This bike has a six speed gear box, so six gears.

How do you adjust the shift lever on a Honda Rebel Motorcycle?

On the left side of the bike, just behind the crank case and the left foot peg, is the linkage for the gear shifter. It's held in place by a 10mm bolt. Remove the bolt, remove the linkage, and replace at the desired angle.

How do you get mongoose rebel back gear off?

Depends on if it's a freewheel or a freehub design. For a freewheel you need the appropriate freewheel puller. For a freehub you need a splined lockring tool.

Is there a mongoose bike that is BMX but has a gear shift?

I am looking for one too. This is all I found, I don't know the name of the bike. It might be custom made?

What is the difference between a gear bike and a mountain bike?

I have no idea what you mean by "gear bike", so the question can't be answered.

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Is gear 1 a low gear on a bike?


When was Top Gear Hyper Bike created?

Top Gear Hyper Bike was created on 2000-03-07.

What is meant by being in Top Gear and bottom gear on a bike?

being in top gear means you cant shift no more and means your going fast as your bike will allow and by bottom gear you mean low gear which means your in lowest gear possible.

How do you do a wheeler on a gear bike?

Pick a gear that gives you the right ratio, then go for it. No difference than from a single-speed bike.

What gear is used to turn the wheel of a bike?

Muddy question. Option 1: what ever gear the bike is in of course Option 2: a chain-and-sprocket gear.

Why you start the bike in 1st gear?

if your talking about starting the engine up, its best to crank a bike up in neutral but you can in first if you hold the clutch in if you mean riding the bike if you try to go in say fourth gear the bike is likely to stall

Is first gear the lowest on a Suzuki RM 125?

1st gear will always be your lowest gear no matter what bike you are on.

What is Sebastian Chabal saying in the rebel sport ad in French?

No one's got more sports gear than rebel sport

What gears do you put in the mongoose xr75 mountain bike to go fast?

That's pretty much dependent on your strength and your pedalling skills. You are the motor, your ability is what decides how fast the bike is. If the rider is immensely strong, the fastest gear is when you have the chain on a big chainwheel in front, and on a small sprocket at the rear. But for someone of normal strength, the fastest gear is one where you're strong enough to keep turning the cranks at about 100 turns/minute.

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How do you change gear in Honda unicorn bike?

You have one down and 4 up in gear.

I have a 1984 suzuki rm250 should the bike move at all with the bike in gear not running.?

It will move for you, in fact the higher the gear the easier it will be to move. When you push the bike and begin to rotate the rear wheel with the trans in gear you are rotating the crankshaft of the engine, jumpstarting the engine for all intensive purposes.

How do you make your bike lighter?

remove anything that you dont need like if u have gear brakes take off the hand brakes thats like five pounds less if you have 4 pegs remove at least 2 that would be about 2 pounds off ur bike get light thin tires to lighten up your bike thats about 10 pounds off ur bikw

What machines have gear wheels?

a dirt bike

Can you stay in first gear on a dirt bike?


Is there a difference between a track bike and a fixed gear bike?

Well, a track bike is a bike dedicated for use on a velodrome. It has a fixed gear, no brakes, often a steel drop bar and some other features. But with a but of determination you can stick a fixed gear rear wheel in any kind of bike. The wouldn't make it a track bike, but would make it a fixie. If you want to be hard core in your fixie riding, the "purest" is of course to ride a track bike in traffic too.

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